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Illustrations follow pages listed

4 The James McDonnell Place
9 The Ceremonial Bearings of Battle, Battayll, or Battaille
14 Sacred Heart Church
19 Home of A. Moog
22 The Battles Hotel
27 Professor Paul Charles Boudousquie
32 The Beach Hotel, Battles Wharf
39 Cannon at Confederate Rest
44 The Louis Dolive
48 Otto E. Zundel (Point Clear Postmaster for 39 years)
51 Dr. V. McR. Schowalter
58 Captain Joe Pose
63 The Point Clear Hotel
71 Point Clear Regatta Trophy
72 Gunnison House
76 Summer Home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Thomasson
80 The Patton Home
84 The Stelzenmuller Home
90 Home of Miss Colleen Brodbeck
97 Brodbeck and Zundel Store
101 Home of Miss Virginia Thomas
105 Fry House
120 “Lovers Lane”
125 The Amorial Bearings of Sidney Perryman du Mont, Esq.
130 The Point Clear Library
133 The William F. Schermer Home
136 Old Cottage on the Festorazzi Place
141 The Yenne Place
144 Summer Home of the McKeans
147 “The Anchorage”
151 “The Old Homestead”
155 Point Clear Home of Captain Murray
158 Coster – MacKay Place
160 The Bestor’s Summer Home
163 Major James K. Glennon
167 The Former “Mountain House”
171 Summer Home of Mrs. Ashton Hill
175 The Taylors’ Summer Home
180 Bath Wharves at Point Clear
183 Special Edition – The Lorgnette
190 St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
195 Point Clear District School
200 “Jubilee!!”
Battles Wharf & Point Clear Alabama

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